Monday, June 19, 2006

GA Day 6 – Second Day of Plenary

Stories from June 19, 2006

Today’s Docket

  • 9:00 am Business Meeting, watch live via the internet
    Nominations Committee - Executive Director Confirmation (order of the day)
    STORYLINE: 2001 GA directed formation of task force “to develop a process and an instrument” to lead PC(USA) in spiritual discernment ... on matters of Christology, biblical authority & interpretation, ordination standards, and power. Twenty theologically diverse TF members adopted the report unanimously.
    PROPOSAL(S): That the Church… • Stay together and seek consensus • Address controversies via group discernment • Study the Theological Reflection in the report • Adopt new authoritative interpretation: national standards, local discernment • Make no changes to existing constitution AND minimize judicial proceedings.
    COUNTER PROPOSAL(S): • Overtures recommending rejection of proposal #5 or referral to new TF to study implications or clarify interpretation or declare that “shall” statements cannot be scrupled. • Overtures: provide resources to help study report.
    THEOLOGICAL/MISSIONAL ISSUES AT STAKE: • Is this “local option”? • Is this Presbyterian? • Will this lead to greater inclusivity? • Does this overturn or dilute past votes of presbyteries? • Will such action damage trust in the pews?
  • 1:30 pm Business Meeting, watch live via the internet,
    Speakout (15 minutes)
    Church Orders
    STORYLINE: Ever since 1976: What are the standards for sexual conduct for GLBT persons? History: • Definitive Guidance (1978) • Authoritative Interpretation (1993) • G-6.0106b (1997): fidelity-chastity. Through those 28 years: repeated failed attempts to overturn or amend standards
    PROPOSAL(S): • Numerous overtures to delete G-6.0106b • Overtures on A/I-93: delete … amend
    COUNTER PROPOSAL(S): • Overtures on A/I-93: study … reaffirm • Overture: Affirm authority of Scripture and Lordship of Jesus Christ • Overtures: 8 or 10 year moratorium
    THEOLOGICAL/MISSIONAL ISSUES AT STAKE: • the impact of the gospel on GLBT persons • the call to biblical sexual morality • the call to leaders to be role models • yet another battle in the presbyteries?
    Mission Coordination and Budgets
    STORYLINE: Giving by members to their congregations continues to grow, but giving of per capita and of mission monies to upper governing bodies is decreasing. The GAC has proposed complete organizational restructuring, including cuts in the size of the GAC and its staff, all around eight specific objectives, along with major cuts in budget.
    PROPOSAL(S): • That the GA approve the new structure for a smaller GAC and for a smaller staff. • That the GA send to the presbyteries any amendments necessary to accomplish the structural changes. • That the budget be approved. Confirmation of GAC’s candidate for director. One asks that the moderator convene a meeting to develop an understanding of the PC(USA)'s worldwide mission work; the second asks that the Women's Ministries Program Area include a diverse, yet Reformed, range of theological viewpoints in its job requirements, consistent with the church's constitution.
    THEOLOGICAL/MISSIONAL ISSUES AT STAKE: Can the church’s mission to the world increase while the management structure decreases? Can our ministries be better integrated so they work in partnership with one another? What does “connectionalism” look like in this new century?
  • 7:00 pm Joint Worship led by PC(USA) , it will be the PC(USA)'s turn to provide worship for all three denominations. And on Wednesday, June 21, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church In America will invite attendees at all three assemblies to gather for worship.
  • 8:15 pm Business Meeting, watch live via the internet,
    Ecumenical Greetings (30 minutes); World Prayer (15 minutes); Presbyterian Church of Columbia 150th (5 minutes); Presbyterian Church of Cuba (5 minutes); Self-Development of People (15 minutes); Mission Initiative (10 minutes)

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