Thursday, June 15, 2006

GA Day 1 – Election of the Moderator

GA officially convenes at 1:00 pm CST. You can watch this event live via the internet. They pick back up again at 7:30 pm CST for the exciting Election of the Moderator. Which you can also watch live via the internet.

Here is a list of Presbyterian Bloggers attending GA (if I over looked you please let us know in the comments).
217th Assembly of Presbyterians
Catechisms and Cataclysms
A Classical Presbyterian
Cheesehead in Paradise
The Eagle and Child

Here is a list of PrebyBloggers not attending but discussing this weeks events.
Quotidian Grace
The Reformed Angler response to QC
Presbyterian Minister's Journal - by Apostle John Discusses Candidates for Moderator
Signs-Along-The-Way prays for GA


Anonymous said...

I'll be at GA beginning on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

These two bloggers are present and blogging their way thru the Assembly:

apostlejohn said...

Actually, The Presbyterian Minister by the Apostle John IS attending GA -- as far as I know, I am the only blogger with press credentials.