Monday, June 19, 2006

GA Day 5 – Now the Real Fun Begins

Stories from June 18, 2006

Today’s Docket

  • 9:00 am Business Meeting, watch live via the internet,
    Theological Issues and Institutions -
    STORYLINE: Ongoing obligation of “reformed, being reformed” Christians to rethink the faith in the light of new questions, situations, and missions. Two task forces were formed by past GA’s to revisit the issue of naming the members of the Trinity and to take a look at Presbyterian meaning and participation in the sacraments.
    PROPOSAL(S): For the GA to approve and commend for denomination-wide study two documents: • “The Trinity: God’s Love Overflowing” • “Invitation to Christ” Ovt. recommending development of new hymnal, new e-hymnal.
    COUNTER PROPOSAL(S): Ovt. 90 to refer Trinity paper back for further consultation.
    THEOLOGICAL/MISSIONAL ISSUES AT STAKE: How do we speak of the Trinity without sounding gender-exclusive? Are the three terms in the baptismal formula, Father, Son and Holy Spirit names or metaphors? Are our Christian identities rooted in our baptism? Can unbaptized believers be welcomed to the Lord’s Table?
    Board of Pensions and Presbyterian Foundation -
  • 1:30 pm Business Meeting, watch live via the internet,
    Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations - supporting the Presbyterian accompaniment program in Colombia; celebrating and protecting the church's partnership with the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Cuba; and supporting the request of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines for a full inquiry into the murders of 18 of its pastors and church workers by paramilitary forces.
    Church Growth and Christian Education - Ordination of Christian Educators: two overtures recommend the creation of a fourth ordained office.
    Review of GA Permanent Committees -
  • 7:00 pm Joint Worship led by Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church will plan and lead our worship experience.
  • 8:15 pm Business Meeting, watch live via the internet, whatever business is left from the morning and afternoon

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