Friday, June 23, 2006

The Blogosphere and General Assembly

The Eagle and Child has some very interesting thoughts on the effects of internet active and GA. Check out Gruntled Center -- I'm the Eagle and Child. He ends this thoughts with a questions that intrigued me.

Is blogging actually shaping the face of this GA?
Share you thoughts.


Sarah Louise said...

I have loved being able to catch up on the goings on at GA. It's actually the first time I have--probably b/c of this blog. I actually wrote about GA a few days ago(a rare occurence on my rather otherwise pink and bookish blog). It's called "Everyone's going to conferences."

Rob Monroe said...

I think that the way we all hear about GA was definately changed! There was a very short PUP note in the Washington Post, but only as part of an Episcopalian article about their vote.

Blogs are nice because different perspectives are portrayed, conservative and liberal, young and not-young, et cetera. Our Presbytery actually put up links on our website to our commmissioners blogs (with their permission of course!) so that they could follow along.

It sounds like more folks from our office are going to try to go to San Jose! If I get to go, I'll join the other bloggers in presenting a different perspective too!