Sunday, June 18, 2006

Basic Question: What, exactly, are the duties of the Moderator?

I've been doing quite a bit of looking around, including searching the"Searchable Book of Order" and I'm wondering if there is some very simple,clear explanation.

Laura Grace
(delighted about, and praying for, our new moderator, Joan Gray)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a searchable Roberts Rules of Order would be of more help. For the duties of the Moderator are the same for GA as they are for you own session.

Stewart said...

anonymous has offered a start, but the Moderator of the GA also has a number of duties that are specific to the GA.

In addition to the Book of Order and Roberts Rules, you'd also want to consult the Standing Rules of the GA (which appears to be mislinked from LES at this time, but can be found from the OGA section of the denomination's website).

Denis Hancock said...

Doesn't the GA Moderator also appoint the committee chairs for the next General Assembly?