Friday, June 16, 2006

GA Day 2 – Committee Meetings

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Today is filled with committee meetings, the real business won’t start until the whole assembly reconvenes on Monday.

Today’s Docket
9:00 am CST Committee Orientation
10:00 am CST Committee Meetings
1:30 pm CST Committee Meetings
6:45 pm CST Evening Worship, the emphasis will be on mission as the mission co-workers are commissioned to carry out their ministry on behalf of the PC(USA). Former Moderator Rick Ufford-Chase will preach at the service.
8:00 pm Committee Meetings

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Stewart said...

It's not quite fair to suggest that the real business is not happening while the committees are meeting. There is a lot of important stuff happening, but those of us who are not present in Birmingham experience something like a news black-out when what is actually happening is going on in fifteen different locations at once.