Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Read and Learn -- Adult Study Groups

Once again we are highlighting one of our own, Stushie who posts Sunday Devotions here and Daily Devotions on his own blog, Heaven's Highway. For the last few months, though, he has been up to more than just Daily Devotions. He has started a second blog, Church Studies, for the purpose of posting discussions questions for either individual or group use. He has started with The Shack.

The first of each week he posts the next segment of questions to the Church Studies blog. In addition, he emails the questions to anyone who requests them by email. The questions are well written and, more than anything, force the reader to slow down and consider the material in the book as you work through it instead of simply rushing through to the end. I found them far more useful than I generally find the commercially produced study questions at the back of some books.

These would be great to give to a small group wanting to read The Shack but wanting a little direction to discuss along the way.



Jody Harrington said...

What a great resource! Stushie, thank you for generously sharing this with all of us.

Stushie said...

Thanks for linking to and liking the site. So far, 67 people have signed up for the studies, most of them pastors who are ready to lead small groups in their churches...:)