Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All Rocks Go to Heaven

This would have been better to post about during the height of the campaign season. Still worth a laugh, though.

Presbyterian vs. Catholic church sign debate.

I didn't do enough research to figure out if the signs were made and photographed collaboratively, or if the pictures are faked (note that the cars in the background and lighting angle never change). Still an interesting way for two churches to debate over theology -- we have Methodists and Catholics nearly within spitting distance in our community!!

That said, my favorite local sign is the one that appears near the end of the month outside the nursery down the street from our house: "...Located 1 mile East of the speed trap." Unfortunately for speeders, the sign only faces the East-bound traffic.


Sarahlynn said...

My father responds: Trust that you realize that the Cumberland Presbyterian Church is not a fundamentalist denomination and that these signs are fictional.

He should know better than most about the Cumberland Presbyterians (as a former member - and pastor - in that denomination).

And Snopes concurs that it's all made up: Snopes article

Still, very funny.

Plus, it's a great introduction to the Church Sign Generator web site!

Anonymous said...

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church did issue a brief statement that it was fictional and done on the Church Sign Generator