Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Week!

We have four interesting new member blogs to highlight this week:

1) FilmNut: Reviews from a guy who likes movies by Castaway, a Presbyterian Pastor for 38 years, now doing an interim in Los Angeles. (And, I might add, a guy who looks a lot like my Uncle David and therefore like someone I'd love to go see a movie with.)

2) United Interim Blog by Jack Lohr, an Interim Pastor in Middletown, NY. Rev. Lohr has some lovely things to say about the recent presidential election, including a wonderful affirmation preceded by this:
So, let me invite you to sit upright, with your feet flat on the floor. If you're comfortable doing so, please close your eyes. Now breathe deeply. Feel the air being drawn in through your nose, filling your lungs, expanding your chest and pushing out your diaphragm. Breathe out through your mouth, feeling your chest deflate and diaphragm rise again. With each in-breath, think "PEACE." With each out-breath, think "RELAX." With each in-breath, feel the peace of God enter your body, and with each out-breath, sense any tension draining away until your whole body feels relaxed, warm and heavy.

3) A brand-new blog, Theologyman: Look! Up in the sky, its an icthus. Its a wheel. no its Theologyman!, by Clint Mitchell, Associate Pastor of University Presbyterian Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who says, "My hope is that this blog will create a little more light in the face of all the heat generated by the current controversies shaking Christ's church."

4) Finally, I'm thrilled to introduce The Road to Africa: A blog by a student named Lauren describing the time before, during, and after her 3 months in Tanzania working with HIV/AIDS orphans.


Stushie said...

Great picks, but I'm thrilled that Lauren has at last linked her site to Presbyterian bloggers. She's my daughter, and totally theologically at the other end of the spectrum from me.

Isn't free will wonderful?

Lauren has also written some great bios on Tanzanian children that she worked with during last summer. Great material for mission groups.

John Shuck said...

Four great blogs! Welcome all!

She's my daughter, and totally theologically at the other end of the spectrum from me.

LOL! That is exactly what fathers deserve!

Thanks for letting us know about that connection. I admire her work and yours!

Sarahlynn said...

I guessed correctly, then!

To rebel against my own parents, I took to wearing penny loafers and dating Republicans, once upon a time. :)