Thursday, November 06, 2008

Book Club -- Tribal Church

The first Thursday of next month Book Club will resume with Tribal Church written by Carol Howard Merritt who blogs at The book, Tribal Church, is available at among other places.

Carol writes about ministering to young adults on their terms. Certainly, a topic that almost all of our denomination's churches need to be thinking about. There are a number of reviews of this book available online, and if you go to Carol's web page and click on the page called, "The Book" you will find links to many of them.

Since Carol's blog is a member of our blogring, we are offering you a deal. Carol has agreed to take some questions before book club next month. So, if you are wondering why you should spend your copiously available NOT spare time reading this book -- ask. If you want to know if this book applies in your ministry -- ask. Leave your questions in the comments, and check back for more reasons why you should be ready to participate in book club on December 4, 2008 -- exactly four Thursdays from today.



Mark Baker-Wright said...

Sounds interesting. Have already ordered my copy. My question isn't so much "does it apply" but perhaps something that I know is on the minds of many that I'm curious as to how it might be addressed:

I've been a part of a couple of different small PC(USA) churches that have missional leanings. Both have a few youth there, but no youth group to speak of, much less a ministry to young adults. There is concern in both places to get people involved, yet a high burnout problem. How may we set priorities so that ministry is something that FEEDS us, rather than another burden?

John Shuck said...

Go Carol. I have my copy. Ready to get tribal.

Carol Howard Merritt said...

Thanks, John. I'm looking forward to the discussion.