Saturday, November 01, 2008

Old Blog Roll and Less Recently Updated Blogs

In an attempt to control the main page of the blog, I'm moving the old roll blog over here. This is where you can find blogs that are former (but not current) members of the unofficial PC(USA) web ring and blogs that haven't been updated in over a year that might still have some really neat stuff in their archives and are worth keeping around.

More old or inactive blogs (added May 2010):

Always Reforming

Catechisms and Cataclysms
First Presbyterian Church of Vernon, Texas

Growing In Faith
Make of yourself a light
Ministry as Clergy Couples
Mo Leverett - Rebirth International
Monday Morning Letters
Musings, Questions, and other Ramblings
My Backyard
pastorjayban’s weblog
preacher, blogger or procrastinator
Rebel Without A Pew
RevJavaDude's Cafe
The Quest
Toddled Dredge


Stewart said...

I'm confused. Many of the blogs on this list are updated pretty regularly. Or were you saying that this is a comprehensive list of both current and formerly active blogs?

Mark Baker-Wright said...

I wonder if, perhaps, some of these folks are long-time members that simply didn't update to the new version?

Sarahlynn said...

I should, perhaps, have been more clear.

The blog roll has been undergoing metamorphosis for some months. The old blog roll (the one on this page) was created years ago and we do not have access to the Blogrolling account where it's hosted, so this blog roll cannot be updated. That means that there are some nonexistent blogs on the list and lots of lots of newer members we couldn't add.

So I created a new blog roll comprising all the members of the PCUSA web ring.

There are certainly active Presbyterian bloggers who are not members of our webring, and I wanted to keep those links, hence this post with the old listing.

It no longer functions as our community blog roll, but many of these links are valuable resources. And, yes, many of the blogs listed here are on the current blog roll on the main page as well, under Members of Our Community.

Clear as mud?

Sarahlynn said...

I'd like to add . . .

I'm always open to suggestions for blog related stuff, including how to list various links and handle situations like this.

So if there are some links you'd like to see added to the blog roll on the main page, please feel free to share.