Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking for Inspiration

I'm in search of a new daily devotion / inspiration and would like your help. Some options and criteria:
  • Can be in text or podcast format; if podcast, I'll listen in the car during my commute; if text, I'll read at night.
  • Something that takes 10-20 minutes to read/listen to and personally reflect on.
  • Something that provides me inspiration on how to behave as a Christian in everyday circumstances. I like the idea of living every moment of every day in a Christian way. I continually fail to do so, but I believe it has to be an all-the-time proposition.
  • Needs to be something that will help me connect theology, faith, and spirituality to everyday life. It should be "accessible" - that is, shouldn't require a D. Min. to understand the connection to daily life.
  • I prefer something with a progressive bent, but doesn't have to be.


Stushie said...

The Presbyterian Church of Canada do a great online daily. They also podcast the message. You can find it at

They are always looking for new writers too.

Kit said...

I very much enjoy the Pray-As-You-Go podcasts done by the British Jesuits. Available on iTunes and here: http://www.pray-as-you-go.org/

Gannet Girl said...

I pray with Pray As You Go most mornings. It has the most wonderful selection of music. Also from the (this time Irish) Jesuits is www.sacredspace.ie. (That one is read only).