Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Read and Learn Thursday: Flags in The Chancel?

This Sunday many Presbyterian churches will observe the Independence Day holiday in some way in worship.

In my part of the country it is common to see the American flag displayed in the chancel along with the PCUSA flag or the Christian flag every Sunday. Some churches display the American flag on the Sunday closest to the holiday.

Does your church display the national flag every Sunday, for special occasions only, or never?

(I apologize for the late posting which was due to internet problems earlier in the day.)


Stushie said...

Every Sunday in our church, We are the PCUSA after all.

Gannet Girl said...


I can't speak for the congregation as a whole - probably many are neutral -- but I do know there are some who would not attend a church which displayed a national flag.

Elaine said...

Always. The US flag is on one side, the PCUSA flag on the other. They are actually quite discreet.

What isn't quite so discreet is our Fourth of July worship service -- don't get me started. This weekend I am visiting in-laws instead. Everybody will be happier that way.

Norman, Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

The U.S. flag is not displayed in the chancel at my church. It is in a spot to the side that is actually an atrium so if you are in the pews and look way to the right, you can see it. No Christian or PCUSA flag in the chancel either. I like it that way.

Anonymous said...

Ours in not on the chancel, but rather on the floor, over to the side. It is not in a place of prominence in the Sanctuary.