Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bound, Bound, Bound and Rebound

As a parent of young children who are moving through development stages so quickly, I'm often amazed at how little perspective I have about the bigger picture of life. There are times that I really struggle with whatever challenges we're facing as parents. At those times I think to myself that things are horrible, are a struggle more often than not, and that this phase might NEVER END! And in direct contrast, when my kids do things that warm my heart and make me glow, I know in my heart that they're the perfect gift from God. I'm not truly bipolar. I have learned during my brief 5 years of parenthood and spiritual growth to remember that life comes with ups and downs.

This weekend, we went together as a family to see the latest Disney Pixar animated film, Up!. It reminded us how much we like the Pixar Shorts. In fact, we have a DVD collection of them. One of our favorites, because of both the relevant message about weathering the ups and downs of life (and, for my pride in my childhood home state's unofficial mascot, the jackalope character) is a short story called Boundin'.

Enjoy this for your somewhat non-traditional Tuesday devotional.

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