Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Talk is Cheap

We hear the phrase “talk is cheap” describing almost every opinion any one person can have. The thought behind the phrase is that anyone can talk about any subject, and sometimes appear to be an expert or a scholarly person on any topic. This can lead to people being mislead, whether it is the desired outcome, or just a bonus in the conversation.

God’s Word is a great place to learn just when to talk and when to act, emphasis on act. As Christians, we are given a huge responsibility to live our lives praising God and giving Him our best shot. By claiming His birthright, we are entitled to the most challenging way of living, believing, and praising His name. This way of life can be cumbersome and lack excitement if we only consider the “consequences” of this lifestyle. The trick is to think about all of the positive attributes attached to living a Godly life in a challenging world. There are several huge and glorious expectations that we, as Christians, can look forward to. We can expect to live in a beautiful and magnificent heaven, beyond any description imaginable. We can expect to actually see God and His son Jesus Christ once the day comes. We can hope to experience the awesome wonder of living in His presence. We can also hope that by encouraging others, they too will be able to experience all of these wonderful things in heaven.

In order to prepare for our heavenly home, we must learn to live in a world that tests our faith, courage, trust and perseverance daily. This means that we, as Christians must realize that by claiming this title, there are dues that are required. What the unbeliever does not know is that we gladly accept these challenges, knowing the final outcome and having all of the confidence that God will not leave us, nor will He forsake us. We are God’s children put here by His own hand, given the talents, skills and abilities for His purposes. We just need to keep our “eye on the prize” and never let Him down as we stroll through this temporary life, moving ever closer to our eternal life. This means that we do more than attend church. That’s just one way of displaying our faith and what we believe in. We must not be just a supporting actor in this movie we call life. As believers, we must be the star performer, always looking for ways to “feed the hungry and care for the widows.” It is one thing to place the fish on our vehicles shouting our faith to other drivers, but it is another to prove our faith and be a very considerate, courteous driver. It is one thing to teach Sunday School at our church, but it is another to be open about our faith at work. It is one thing to give to the church as you feel you should, but it is another to give freely to the poor, to give so much it hurts. As Christians, we must be ready to move beyond all of the worldly expectations, and strive toward the heavenly expectations of our God. Face your challenges each and every day with the confidence and courage often displayed by the Gentiles in the Bible. These faithful followers were convinced that Jesus was just who He said He was , and therefore would approach Him without hesitation and ask boldly for miracles. We need to take a lesson and do the same thing. We must always remember to “walk the walk” knowing that Jesus is there with us every step of the way.

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