Monday, May 17, 2010

Gathering for Coffee and Conversation

Dorontheos23, M.Div, blogs at He Wakens My Ear to Listen as Those Who are Taught (Isaiah 50:4b). And, yes, she still blogs there regularly even though the feed is disrupted so our blog roll says that her site has not been updated for 8 months. In fact, over the past week she's blogged about Emeth (truth), John Rudder's "For the Beauty of the Earth" (with video), and the close connections between mothers and daughters in her family (an extremely touching post). Please don't let a technological glitch keep you from checking out this fabulous member blog.

Next up this week is long-time Unoffocial PC(USA) Blog contributor Stushie! Stushie has been contributing to this blog longer than most or all of the current crop of contributors. (I'm not sure about Quotidian Grace and JusticeSeeker; I think all three of them predate me.) In addition to supplying this blog with original art, Sunday Lectionary Devotions, and other timely posts, Stushie manages several blogs of his own. His main blog is Heaven's Highway: Regular reflections of a Scottish Pastor living in the Bible Belt, including some unique religious art work and interfaith stories from around the world. Recent posts include lots of Stushie Art and Daily Devotions.

Last up today is Kim from Hiraeth: a Christian yearning for heaven. This week's posts include a hymn, a quote, an amazing picture of spider hatchlings at her house, and newborn robins. Or, if politics are more your cup of tea, you might check out her recent post on immigration.

Thanks to all the unofficial PC(USA) blog contributors and member blogs!

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