Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Read and Learn -- PCUSA and Wikipedia?

Google "Presbyterian general assembly" and you will find a link to, a link to a financial blog (which makes a really sad sort of ironic sense) and third a link to the Wikipedia entry for Presbyterian Church (USA).

Seriously there is a lengthy Wikipedia entry (well OF COURSE there is, I shouldn't be surprised, but I am), here is the link: Presbyterian Church (USA). Was the Rev. John Witherspoon really the only Minister to sign the Declaration of Independence? What about Lyman Hall? Ok, so he was first a Doctor, but wasn't he also a Minister? (Ok, ok, so he was actually fired from one church for moral failings; but we won't talk about that.)

There are a number of other statements made that I think will raise the hackles of a few members of this ring. So, anybody want to take a stab at an editing job?


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NicodemusLegend said...

Having never heard of Lyman Hall (which may be more my own failing than anyone else's), I looked him up.

He was dismissed as a minister in 1751, and although he continued to preach for a few years afterward, was out of the pulpit for a sufficiently long time before he would have signed the Declaration that I feel pretty safe in continuing to say that Witherspoon WAS the only clergyman to sign the Declaration. Whatever Hall may have been at one time, he was certainly NOT a clergyman when he signed the Declaration.