Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Devotions: Advent Adventure

As Christians, we sometimes believe that God will do things our way, when we want it, and however it suits us.

Take for instance the Pilgrims Fathers, or the Mayflower People, whatever you want to call them. On this day, in 1620, they landed at Plymouth Rock. They were a bunch of impractical Christians, who believed that God was telling them to go to the New World, to escape religious persecution in England, and plant a new colony where they could freely practice their faith.

Can you imagine what happened in Heaven when their prayers were being said? Let’s say an angel takes their prayers to St. Peter.

Angel: Sorry to bother you, St. Peter, but we’re just receiving prayers from a religious group who are looking for God to bless them on a special journey.

Peter: Why do they want to do this?

Angel: They feel that they’re being persecuted and need to find a new place where they can start their own community.

Peter: Oh, so they’re Separationists. They don’t want to remain in the Established Church that we’ve been working on for over 1600 years. Okay, where do these troublemakers want to go?

Angel: To the New World, sir. They think that it will give them a new start.

Peter: A New World? Has God created a New World? Why wasn’t I told about this?

Angel: No, sir. It’s what they call America – all the Europeans think it’s a New World.

Peter: But that’s across the Atlantic Ocean. How are they going to get there?

Angel: On two boats. One is called the Speedwell and the other is the Mayflower.

Peter: Well, if it’s journeying mercies that they need, you should take this over to St. Christopher. He handles all the travel arrangements.

Angel: We tried that, sir, but he says that this is bigger than he can handle.

Peter: Oh I understand, you need me to get involved because they’re traveling on the sea. Being a fisherman, I know what it’s like to sail through choppy waters. Did I ever tell you about the night the Lord invited me to walk on the water during a storm?

Angel: Yes sir, many times. But I’m afraid that this group is going to need more than you or St. Christopher to help them out.

Peter: Why?

Angel: Well you see, sir. They want to set up a community, build their own cabins, grow their own food, make their own laws, and remain healthy, become wealthy, and stay strong.

Peter: That sounds reasonable. When do they want to do this?

Angel: About December 21st.

Peter: IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! OY VEY! You’d better take this one all the way to the top!

(c) John Stuart 2008

Stushie is the writer of the four minute daily devotional, Heaven's Highway.

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Quotidian Grace said...

Great historical reminder, Stushie. Thanks!