Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here, schools were closed today because of the cold weather and drizzly stuff falling from the sky. It was only down to 16 degrees. At my parents' home in Casper, WY it was -11.... -50 with the wind chill!! Brrrr. Yes. But Christmas is about cold and snow.

We have some wonderful family friends that live in Australia. Christmas isn't about snow, there.

It's amazing what an isolated view of Holidays and seasons we have sometimes.

Does Santa have to be a white guy with a big beard?
Why doesn't Santa look more like St. Nicholas?

I have a co-worker who is raising his children Jewish. The 7 year old isn't familiar with the Jesus story, yet. They were driving around looking at Christmas lights the other day and she said to her mom, "Look! Those people have some kind of little house in their front yard. It must be for their dog."

I guess I can imagine a clever Garfield cartoon where Jesus is depicted as a dog, and Garfield represents a religiously insecure artist's depiction of how modern society is neglecting and abusing Christ...

In contrast, my daughters got to celebrate Jesus' birthday at Sunday School this week. I'm not sure they get the significance of Jesus, but they definitely get the significance of birthdays! Cake!


John Shuck said...

Casper, WY! Did you grow up there? My parents live (now) in Eastern MT. It is like living on the moon.

Sarahlynn said...

Yep, Paul grew up in Casper and is still adjusting to life in these southern climes. It's a whole different world up there!

Paul, I think our girls get the significance of Christmas more than we think. Have you ever heard them reciting, "Who is coming to our house?" to each other? Priceless.

Although Ada did remove and hide the baby Jesus from their creche today. I still can't find it . . . maybe she'll return it on the 25th?