Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If Programming Languages were Religions

I realize that this post has fairly small niche audience, but for those of us geeks who also enjoy a little scripture with our code, here's a great post:

If Programming Languages were Religions

The PCUSA doesn't get a specific mention, but I'd suggest that maybe Python is also a good candidate for the PCUSA because it, unlike many languages, has specific rules about indentation and formatting to keep the code decent and in order.

On a barely related note I was thinking recently thinking about church finances and wondering how much money could be saved across all the churches in the PCUSA if we were to share some IT infrastructure. If every church spends $500/yr on web hosting, for instance, that would give the denomination a $5M/yr budget (across 10,000 churches) for a common hosting solution. Something tells me that $1M/yr would probably do it, and provide a more modern solution than most churches have today. Same might hold true for other technology solutions:
  • Website hosting, including multimedia
  • Email
  • Conference calling
  • Application hosting (finance, attendance, budgeting)
Why not?

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