Monday, December 22, 2008

New Members for Christmas

I have really been enjoying the newest fabulous blog to join the PUCSA web ring, Reiff Center: the next decade of the journey... by seminarian Jen Reiff, "Wading through my thoughts about faith, the Church, and life as a Christian in our world today."

We also have a brand-spanking-new blog today, Sacred Screaming by mom and PCUSA pastor melissaderosia: The chaos and beauty of God's infinite love spins me into a place of confusion where grace and gratitude is the light that guides me. Sometimes all the spinning make me dizzy.... "...Convert, O God! my pain into delight at the lovely sight of a living, well-formed and healthful babe..." --Fanny Neuda, Untitled Personal Prayer, Published 1878. Where the pain of growing in faith is expressed and transformed into new life."

This one just slipped in under the wire before this post went live, and I'm glad it did. Welcome to West Texas Missioner: a weblog devoted to promoting the missional church, around West Texas and around the world.

And, in case you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, blog reader Pat Andrews would like you to know about a new cookbook!


Please let me know how I might make your bloggers aware of our new cookbook which will appeal to Presbyterians everywhere....I'm not sure what kind of topic I should start....but the cookbook includes many subjects worthy of decent and orderly discussion, including pre-revolutionary history of Presbyterianism, the importance of cooking as a tool for change in today's world, prayer as daily ritual in celebrating homelife, and our roots in Scotland, among others...

Our cookbook website is

Please do take a look at it!

Thank you very much for any help you can provide ...

Patricia MacLeod Andrews


John Shuck said...

Welcome new Presbybloggers! Glad you are here!

Missioner said...

Sarahlynn, thanks for the introduction. John, thanks for the welcome - I'm glad to be a part of the ring ... and speaking of that THANKS for having me, everyone!