Monday, December 29, 2008


Merry Christmas to all and welcome to the PCUSA web ring to our newest members!

The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Blog: A blog for the community of faith at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington DC. "The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church is a community of faith in downtown Washington, DC. We aspire to be an inclusive, justice-seeking church. This blog is for members, visitors and friends to share experiences and thoughts about important and not-so-important moments in our Christian journey." (Also, they have a very cool snow effect on their main page.)

The Post-Yesterday Church: theological musings on church and world from a missional perspective, a blog by Josh Rowley, a PC(USA) pastor in northern California. "This blog is a modest contribution to a conversation (what has been called 'the missional conversation') that was sparked years ago by the question How should the church respond? and others like it. Put another way, it is hoped that the theological musings on church and world found here will be helpful toward cultivating a new imagination for how to be and to do church in a new world. God is up to something in this world: And the one who was seated on the throne said, 'See, I am making all things new' (Revelation 21:5)."


John Shuck said...

Hey, Hey! Welcome new Presbybloggers! Happy New Year!

Rebecca said...

hello! so... i found this page two months late but thanks for the welcome! we are proud to be a part of the ring. :)

rebecca, nyapc

Sarahlynn said...

Hope you're enjoying the other sites, and that a little more traffic is finding its way over to you. :)