Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Presbynet Celebrates Advent

I am hoping to do some special things to celebrate the season Advent. I am currently looking for a advent wreath that I can add to our site (if anyone out there can help with that I would really appreciate that). Anyone else who has spiritual practices, prayers, liturgies, images, any special traditions that they find particularly meaningful or enjoyable during this time of waiting, or anything else please share you ideas with all of us. To start us off below I have list of Advent Calendars that our internet based. Look through them and if you so feel called use them during this season of preparation as a part of your daily devotions.

Virual Advent Calender
Celtic and Nature Advent Calendar
Electric December
Beliefnet Advent Calendar
Online Interactive World Advent Calendar
Episcopal Diocese of Washington
Praying Advent
Online Advent Calendar Lutheran Hour Ministries
On-Line Resources for the Season of Advent
The Days of Waiting
Yahoo List of Virtual Advent Calendars


Anonymous said...

I've never used an advent calendar on-line before. What a great idea. I posted a link over to this post from my site.

Anonymous said...

Could I suggest one more at


Anonymous said...

I need help!!!
who celebrates advent?