Sunday, November 05, 2006

Monday Question of the Week . . . All Saints Day

All Saint’s Sunday? A great way of remembering those we have lost in the past year or an out dated remnant of the Catholic Church? Discuss. . .


Anonymous said...

This question has some problems.
1. Christians don't lose people to death.
2. All Saints' Day is a day in the liturgical year not only to remember the dead but also to remember the saints. In the Catholic context that carries meaning that may or may not extend to all Protestant contexts.
3. Protestants who look at ancient church celebrations as "outdated remnants" are too hip for their own good.
4. This is probably not the case, but the way this question is phrased sounds a little anti-Catholic.
5. Why would anyone want to purge from the church calendar a special day for worship and reflection?

John Shuck said...

I think celebrating all saints is a wonderful ritual. I have not done that yet in my current congregation, maybe next year, but I have in the past allowed folks to bring a reminder of someone who has died (either a family member, friend, or someone in the public sphere who they admire) and to spend time in silence remembering them in gratitude. We have often listed the names of church members who died in the past year as well.

Thanks for the question!