Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Blog Club

Welcome to Monday!

1) Talitha P blogs at Madame Future Moderator: Some day I'm going to grow up to moderate something very important; like a Session, or a Presbytery, or maybe even the General Assembly of the PC(USA). Alternately, I might give up on all things establishmentarian and go live with Jesus in a tree.  I like Talitha because she reads Robert's Rules of Order for fun.  Or maybe it's because she's so passionate about mission work.  But what makes her stand out this week is her most recent post.

Here at the unofficial PC(USA) blog we're all about respectful conversation and, yes, even disagreement.  Check out that blog roll, folks!  But this week we got a few messages from someone with a passionate hatred (and mistaken understanding) of the denomination.  So stumbling upon Happy To Be Presbyterian was a wonderful surprise.  Especially today, when I was elected to serve as an elder for the first time.  So thanks, Talitha!

2) Over at Mark Time, Mark Smith recently reviewed Carol Howard Merritt's Reframing Hope.  (My brother-in-law is reading that one right now.)  He also discusses the unexpected turn his recent job search took.  Congrats, Mark, on the big leap: hearing and responding to a different call than you were seeking!  Best of luck and God's blessing on your journey.

3) Meanwhile, Rev. Carl Wilton continues his short story, "A Treasurer's Tale" over at Monmouth Presbytery Clerk's Corner.  The tale begins (with apologies to Charles Dickens):  

Ebeneezer Droodge, church treasurer, awoke with a start from his fitful sleep. That noise – what was it?

It was nothing, he assured himself. Probably a little too much tuna casserole at the church potluck. Sure, that was it. Tuna casserole.

No, wait – he was sure he’d heard it this time.

“Over here, Ebeneezer.”


“Over here, on your computer. Where you sit up late every night fussing with the church spreadsheets.”


presbybug said...

hahaha i've been so busy i didn't even read blogs this week? what? or last week? ridic. anyway THANKS Sarahlynn =) and congrats on your ordination!!!!!!

Sarahlynn said...

Thanks! :-)