Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dancing with our God

I think I have mentioned several times in my past blogs about how God can play a part in our “dance” as we go through the motions of our daily lives. He can orchestrate a beautiful symphony of events that lead us down a path we, as servants of Him, never even know are there. We move through our daily routines never stopping to look around and admire God’s great creation we call home. I am beginning to realize that God places us where we can be of the greatest assistance to furthering His agenda, His big plan so that He can get the most out of our service to Him. I feel that I am in that place, and just at the right time. But then again, it is God’s big dance we are discussing, and whether we like it or not, it is flawless and perfect, and we, as His humble servants, need to follow it step by step

When God wants something from you, He generally will show you, but then let you muddle through, making mistakes along the way, until you finally figure it out for yourself. When we start to stray from His “pasture,” He will make sure we return to Him and remain with the rest of the sheep. When God wants us to venture, He will clearly show us a path. He will “make our paths straight” and give us direction on just how to get to where He is sending us. God uses the Holy Spirit to speak His truths to us and keep us on the straight and narrow. He will generally show us how to do the “dance” but then step back and watch as we make several attempts, improving with each step, until we get it right.

Our mission in this partnership is to make sure we are abiding by His word, His holy instructions as to where we need to go, and just what we need to do once we get there. I have completed my move to Virginia Beach, and I have begun my studies into His Word, and I have never felt more right about any other thing I have sought to do in my entire life. It is just amazing how God has allowed me to serve Him in this place and in this time. I eagerly anticipate my next class on campus at Regent University, with the hopes that I can interact with other students who have the same fervor, the same enthusiasm and desire to serve and to grow as we experience this wonderful assignment together. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I am amazed, yet comforted by the professors and their openness towards sharing their faith while allowing the students to experience their own journey towards a deeper understanding.

I am not sure where God will place me as I move through this particular portion of the dance competition. I just know that the judges will have no choice but to move me on to the next level and allow me to perform, knowing that I’m on a mission and will not stop until I complete the task at hand. God is guiding me through this very difficult mission of completing my studies, then moving on to the next assignment. I have done more reading in the last several weeks than I have done in the last several years. It has been very rewarding and enlightening to take in God’s instruction and to know that I’m giving it my best effort at moving to the next level of competition. Giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in His Word has brought about a change, a welcome change I have sought for years, and now that I have found it, I cannot help but look for the next big step in my dance routine, my next big challenge that God will place before me. I will do nothing less than my best at the next level.

I know that I have no choice but to dance like there is no tomorrow, and to pray like there is.

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