Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Laughter in the Heavens

Sometimes, if we listen closely, we may just hear the roar of laughter coming from heaven. God and his troop of angels are all getting a big kick out of our comical behavior here on earth. I say this because if we think about how we go through our daily routine trying our best to get it right, but only to realize we are so far off the mark, we, too see the humor. We need to stop trying so hard, stop taking life so seriously in order to enjoy bits and pieces of it. After all, God did not say that we had to be completely serious, monotonous, robots just going through the motions. How boring would that be? God is a loving God who would want His family to enjoy life.

I know God has a bit of a sense of humor, and I know this each time I look in the mirror. I realize that God must have been smiling, or grinning from ear to ear when He decided to create this child. I can also use my analogy I have used in the past where Jethro, the lead character on the popular show “NCIS” goes around smacking his detectives on the back of the head when they just can’t seem to grasp the obvious. God just loves getting a laugh or two out of His children, and I do enjoy being His “comical” servant. I know that I have been able to give God a chuckle or two in my day. But I can’t think of a better way to serve Him than to bring Him pure enjoyment. With that enjoyment, I pray that He is happy not only with me, but happy that I am His. It brings a smile to my face when I think about that, and I hope it brings a smile to yours as well. You should feel wonderful that you are a child of God, and that you have been put here for His purposes. I bet you have given God a smile or two in your past, and we all know it will not be the last time God laughs at us.

I often wonder what it’s like when we just refuse to see things God’s way, even going as far as denying or avoiding being classified as a “born again” or a “bible thumper” when we are socializing or at work. I can only imagine how God feels when His children play the role of the obstinate little child who can’t seem to be satisfied with anything, refusing to quiet his or her behavior even after being offered many wonderful things in order to create peace in the world. How many times have we denied the offerings from our God because it just not what we wanted, only to find out later that it was what we needed? This is where I can just hear God chuckling and saying “see, I told you so.” This is why I know God has a terrific sense of humor. Even after we try so hard to disobey, to look the other way when He is trying to tell us something, He never leaves us. God refuses to abandon us, but does get chuckle out of our childish behavior even when “the boss” is smacking us on the back of the head.

I know that our God is a loving God, and therefore, quite often, we provide Him with laughter in the heavens.

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