Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Blog Club

This week I'd like to highlight a few more members of our robust and diverse web ring.  Up this week are three blogs that begin with the letters K and L:

1) Kruse Kronicle: Commentary and reflection on ministry and culture in the twilight of Western Christendom.  This blog's author is elder Michael Kruse, who describes himself, saying, "I am presently serving as the chair of the of the General Assembly Mission Council of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but my horizons and involvement extend well beyond denominationalism. Of particular interest to me is how our daily work connects with the things of God."  And his interests include "annoying Presbyterians."  :-)

Kruse pulls out interesting articles and essays from various news sources, sometimes adding commentary and sometimes letting the pieces stand on their own.

2) Next is the Laughing Pastor.  "My grandmother taught me the art of laughter. She also taught me to be honest about life. Along the way as I share the ups and downs of my journey I consistently bump into laughter. Laughter is a many sided gift of which humor is only one aspect. I believe laughter is like prayer....with faith and hope there is always space for laughter."

Recent posts include texts, pictures, poetry, and links.  Definitely another blog worth a visit this week.
"In short...
Breathe more.
Enjoy Life.
Enjoy God.

3) Lighthouse/searchlight church: Participating in the mission of the light of the world by Robert Austell, pastor of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC ... passionate about worship, music, and God's mission to the world . 

Welcome! The primary purpose of this blog is to explore and encourage around what it means to be winsome and sent into the world for God's glory. The definition of "lighthouse-searchlight" is a good place to start. Come peruse the blog!

Three excellent blogs this week.  Check 'em out!

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