Monday, November 02, 2009


I sometimes sit at our church's welcome center during the morning to greet visitors and direct traffic. (The staff offices are located upstairs, but we have a great welcome center on the ground floor that's staffed by volunteer "ambassadors.")

Imagine my surprise on Thursday morning when a woman arriving for the new Ten Commandments Bible Study stopped by the desk. "You're famous!" she said. "I saw your website in my new Presbyterian magazine."

After searching around for a bit, I figured out what she meant. The (unofficial) PC(USA) Blog's own Jody Harrington wrote a column for the November issues of Presbyterians Today introducing "five Presbyterian bloggers, each with unique style, content and point of view worthy of reading."

It's a diverse list!

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Quotidian Grace said...

Other members of Presbyterian Bloggers mentioned in the article are Blogotional, Summit to Shore, Sinacticus and Rev. Mike's Homeletical Hash!

Best of the Bloggers is a feature that appears in each issue of Presbyterians Today. Suggestions for topics are welcome!