Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Caregiver Sunday - November 15th

One of the pcusa.org features today is an article about upcoming Caregiver Sunday, November 15th.

If you follow my Tuesday posts here, you might remember that I work for a religious health care system.  I'm not a healthcare provider in my position at work.  I work in the information systems department.  As a leader in a "low touch" department, I often struggle with helping co-workers connect their day-to-day work with our patient-centric mission.  There are the usual things about doing work that enables care providers to do their work more effectively.

It occurred to me yesterday as I was going through a survey about my spiritual beliefs that there's a more faithful view of the work that I do.  It feels counterintuitive to find increased comfort with less detail, but my personal relationship with God tells me that I can trust that what I do in life (if I'm faithful to Him) is part of a larger and purposeful plan.  I don't have to necessarily connect my work activities to the corporate mission of healthcare, because I know that my work activities (if I'm faithful) are part of my larger purpose on earth.

That's a bit of a struggle, which encourages me in thinking that it's also a good position to spend more time examining.  Do you trust in your purpose at work?  Is it also part of your purpose on earth?

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