Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome Mat

Welcome to the newest member of our web ring, and my apologies for the technical glitches that made it so hard for you to contact us!

Transforming Followers for Transforming Churches
. This is for anyone who wants to be a faithful student and follower of Jesus Christ, who loves the church, and wants to help congregations and their members fulfill their purpose through their daily living to be a sign of what God intends for all the world.

The blog's author is Rev. Sue Coller, executive presbyter of the Minnesota Valleys Presbytery. She sees her job as being a resource, guide, advisor, trouble-shooter, creative idea generator, consultant, etc. for the Presbyterian churches in southwest and central Minnesota. More than anything, I hope my service helps the churches live up to their high calling to show the world the kind of life God envisions for the whole world.

And she hopes that her blog posts serve as the beginnings of fruitful conversations.

Welcome, Rev. Coller!

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