Monday, October 06, 2008

Three's Company

A warm welcome this week to:

Revdad: a discussion of a myriad of things...join in the journey! By David Parker, who says, "I am a child of God, a husband, father, and happen to be a minister in a Presby church in Illinois."

And we also have a new member of our developing coffee klatch of caffeine-living pastors:

It Takes A Church...Musings about Christian Community, the mission of Christ and the life God intended for all of us. By Tod Bolsinger, pastor, author, professor, adventure lover, and triathlete, estudiante de espanol.

Finally, I'll point you to Fat Man in the Bathtub, the personal blog of the Reverend Paul Andresen. "This is a blog of my personal insights and ravings, a glimpse into the messy thing that is my mind." Rev. Andresen's sermon blog is already on our blogroll, at Time Loves a Hero.

Welcome all, and thank you for joining the PCUSA webring! Your links are in the blogroll at the bottom of the sidebar.

Note to all: The old blogroll will be replaced by the new blogroll just as soon as I make the time to check which sites need to be copied over. (The new blogroll currently only contains sites actively in the webring.) My apologies for the delay!

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John Shuck said...

Welcome to the big presby party!