Thursday, October 23, 2008

Read and Learn -- Book Club coming soon to a blog near you

If you have been following the schedule for Thursdays that we posted several months ago, you would know that today should have a review of a book, movie or other resource; and the monthly Book Club feature got off to a great start and then -- not.

There is a fascinating story involving a hurricane, a vacation, lots of work, an Amazon shipment gone astray, communication problems -- I know, save it for the movie version.

Here is the scoop.

We are getting back on track. Check back next week for a Review of a book, movie, or other resource. The following Thursday which will be the first Thursday in November and should be a book club day will, instead, feature something unique for us, a question and answer session with the author of our next featured Book Club selection, and a member of this blogring, Carol Howard Merritt. Then, on the 1st Thursday of December Book Club will be back with Carol's book, Tribal Church.

Tribal Church is about reaching and ministering to adults who aren't yet middle-aged. For many of our churches, they are something of a lost generation. This is a chance to start thinking how to refind them. Oh, and it is available at Amzaon.

See you here next week.



John Shuck said...

Hey I am here! Sorry a little late. But it is still Thursday, and if you go before this post and the post Stushie added, you will see it! It is my review of A View from the Center of Universe! Do check it out and comment!


John Shuck said...

I started it last night, so it posted on Wednesday. Now it is in front of you!

Carol Howard Merritt said...

Thank you so much for discussing Tribal Church. I look forward to the conversation!

John Shuck said...

Go Carol!

I have my copy and look forward to the discussion!