Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hump Day Prayer . . . Staying Spiritually Centered

Gracious God,
it seems that what most holds my attention are those things
and people that I can see, touch, hear, and feel.

Yet, in the moments of my day when my mind is still,
my soul is quiet,
and my breath is slow and even,

I can almost detect a whiff of your presence.
These precious times are all too fleeting;
they slip away almost as quickly as they come.

The phone rings,
my child cries,
a colleague needs my assistance,
or my mind just simply gets distracted.

Help me know, O God,
that you are still present with me,
even in my distractions and interruptions.

But also help me savor those spiritually centered moments so much that
I will make room in my life for more of them.

When I am impatient because I can’t see, touch, hear, or feel you,
let your love seep surely into me
until my heart turns back to you in surprise and delight.


Copyright ©1999-2006


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I so needed this.