Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hump Day Prayer . . . Labor Day Prayer

Labor Day Weekend: Responsive Reading
(based on Psalm 15)

Leader: LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy mountain? (verse 1)

All: Those whose walk is blameless, who do what is righteous, and who speak the truth from their hearts; (verse 2)

Leader: And who is that?

All: It is those who do not slander with their tongues, who do their neighbors no wrong, and who cast no slur on others; (verse 3)

Leader: And what does it mean to do what is righteous and just and speak the truth this Labor Day weekend?

All: We must treat immigrants working in service jobs around us as our neighbors.

Leader: And do them no wrong.

All: We must treat day laborers looking for work on the corners as our neighbors.

Leader: And cast no slur upon them in word or deed.

All: God calls us all to despise those whose ways are vile but honor whoever fears the Lord; (verse 4a)

Leader: And those who keep their oaths even when it hurts; (verse 4b)

All: Could this mean we might need to pay more for some products in order to assure workers are paid decently?

Leader: Or take lower profits in order to share the abundance with workers?

All: Or give more in our congregation so others may thrive?

Leader: In God’s sanctuary, we will find those who lend money to the poor without interest and do not accept bribes against the innocent. (verse 5a)

All: This Labor Day weekend, we abhor those who would prey on poor workers through payday loan schemes. We deplore those employers who demand bribes to hire undocumented workers. We challenge ways in which unjust practices against workers separate us from the sanctuary of God.

Leader: Those who seek God’s will and do what is right shall never be shaken. (verse 5b)

All: All knowing God, help each one of us to do what is right. Help us to be trustworthy and honest employees, knowing that we honor You when we do tasks well. Help us to be honest and just employers, sharing abundance with all employees, and treating each person as a child of God. And help us as citizens find ways to bring justice and prosperity for all to our nation’s policies and priorities. Amen.

Adapted from Today’s New International Version, copyright 2005 by International Bible Society.

From Interfaith Worker Justice.

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Brett said...

We're going to use this in our worship this Sunday along with some of the other resources from Interfaith Worker Justice. If you haven't checked this neat group out, I encourage you to do so.