Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Question of the Week - The Resurrection

What do you do with the contradictions in the resurrection accounts?


John Schroeder said...

You remember that no two people describe a traffic accident the same.

Stuart Hill said...

and you recognize the fact that the differences in those accounts of traffic accidents probably each reveal some different interesting truths about the accident.

the pastor at my church gave a great sermon on the unfinished nature of mark's account.

Solitary Copt said...

I didn't see any contradictions!!

Anonymous said...

Do nothing. They are not contradictions, just different points of view and ways of seeing things from different people.

Of course if you prefer drama or excitement in your life you could moan and groan and make up stories and songs about how it ruined your life and caused your dog to get run over and your spouse to runn off with a bottle.

Another thing you could do, if you love emotion is to yell and cry and fuss and demand that somebody change it because everybody HAS to see everything the same way.

You could write your own "translation" of the Bible where all resurrection accounts matched.

Lots of possibilities out there!