Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hump Day Prayer, Prayers for Uganda

born in poverty, in a distant town,
in danger, in a violent country,
hunted and driven from home.

Be with people of Uganda today,
forced from their homes and possessions,
robbed of their safety and security,
taken from their families and loved ones.

Comfort them,
in their fear,
protect them from danger,
ease them in their loss,
and in your time, Lord, bring them safely home.

Where people fight, Lord bring forgiveness.
Where families are broken, Lord provide healing.
Where communities are torn, Lord offer reconciliation.
Where hatred flourishes, Lord overcome it with love.
And in Uganda, Lord grant us peace.

Taken from If I should fall from grace with God...

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Pappy McVulgar said...

FYI taken from christian aid site