Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hump Day Special Passover Prayer

We thank you G-d for delivering these Forgotten Jewish Refugees from their modern day pharaohs whose hearts were hardened and full of evil. Many of these Forgotten Refugees were harassed, intimidated, insulted simply because they were Jews, until they were forced to flee. They were made to live as strangers in their own countries and denied basic human and civil rights. They left behind their millennia-old culture and heritage, their beautiful synagogues and sacred Torahs, Jewish schools and hospitals, their homes and their personal belongings.

“But G-d heard their groaning and remembered the covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. G-d said unto the children of Israel: I am the Eternal and I will bring you out from the burdens of the Egyptian (and from other tyrants) and redeem you with an outstretched and strong arm. So, as in the First Exodus, we thank the G-d for this Second Exodus that we are a free people and blessed with the presence of the land of Israel”.

“On this Passover and on every Passover in the future, when we eat matzo and the bitter herbs, we will cherish the memories of our forgotten brothers and sisters. And as Jews, always yearning for the winds of freedom, we say to them We Will Not Forget You.”


Jon said...

Why is God spelled "G-d"? I expect this is nitpicky so please forgive my obtuseness if it is a stupid question.

Miranda said...

First, on this website there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you have a question, I guarantee that someone else has the same question. This group is about the interchange of ideas and knowledge and if anyone feels that they can’t ask a question that interchange has ceased to function and only serves to inflate the egos of those who already feel more highly of themselves than they should.

That is actually a great question. Today's prayer is a Passover prayer from the Jewish tradition in which it is a major no-no to use the full to name of God. Many Jews do not ever write God's name on paper or say it, this is to sanctify God's name. They are afraid that by writing or speaking the name of God they might come to desecrate it and God.

callieischatty said...

How nice of you to include a passover prayer on your blog!

I have to admit, it took me by surprise.

Again, thanks and I hope you and your family had a nice Easter.

Thanks for the Passover prayer.