Monday, January 10, 2011


In lieu of a Member Blog Meet & Greet today, I have a question.

I'm thinking about doing a Presbyterianism 101 adult ed class.  Our group is casual and discussion-based, so we'd take a low-key approach.  Each week we'd take a symbol or ritual or reading or prayer or creed or color and discuss why it's historically significant then why it's relevant to us as Presbyterians today.

Do you have any suggestions for helpful resources I might use to start pulling the syllabus together?


Joan Calvin said...

There's a really cute book "Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt" that as I recall goes through a lot of what makes us different from more evangelical traditions (not that we don't have evangelicals). Since I've packed up my books, I can't pull it down and make sure, but it might give you some ideas for things to talk about. I'd also take a look at the PCUSA officer training materials.

ceemac said...

ditto on "Bible Belt." was written for teens but adults have found it to be useful as well.

ceemac said...

another useful one is the "Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms." by McKim. It had very brief definitions of thousands of terms. But it is not a huge book. Having a copy around would be useful.

Time Loves a Hero said...

McKim's "Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers" is another good resource. For a light hearted take, I love "The Presbyterian Handbook"

Sarahlynn said...

Thank you all for the fabulous suggestions! There are so many books out there I didn't know where to start.

My hope is that I can use these resources to create a syllabus for the year so that people in the class can easily take turns leading.

I really appreciate your help!