Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy 8th Day of Christmas!

I don't know if it's just me and the circles in which I immerse myself (I didn't listen to any commercial radio in December, just my own Christmas CDs and NPR) but I didn't hear quite as much about the 12 days of Christmas happening BEFORE Christmas this year.

I do find myself rushing through this part of the season, though.  Usually I'm loathe to let the magic of Christmas subside into the melancholy of winter, replacing red and green decorations with silver and white, substituting diet and exercise for parties and over-indulgence.  I leave all of our household decorations out until Epiphany.  But this year I find myself anxious to "clean up" and "clear out" and "shape up" and move on to the next thing.  I continuously remind myself that Christmas isn't a season to rush through, it's not a series of to-do lists, it's not clutter.  It's what really matters (although perhaps not the cookies and the drying fir in and of themselves).

So.  Moving along to the first January Member Blog Meet and Greet.  Two items of business today.

First, a welcome to our newest member blog: The Preacher's Husband: A journal from the living community of faith by Derek Maul.  "Life is good. It's about living in partnership with my wife, Rebekah, about serving God in the context of our church home, about being the parent of two amazing children, and of both honing and using my particular gifts in order to make this world a better place."  Recent posts at this fabulous weekly blog run the gamut from "Who wears the pants? (did somebody really say that...)" to "Preachers and a Healthy (redemptive) Lifestyle." This blog is worth a read!

Second, and very important, we have a new blogger to welcome to the unofficial PC(USA) Blog! Starting this week, Presbybug Talitha will start a weekly column on Wednesdays, and I'll let her explain the concept to you as she gets started with her first installment. Talitha's written here before, frequently in comments and notably with a guest-blog about mission.

Welcome, all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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