Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Blog Club

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I've had some interesting conversations with my two daughters (ages 3 and 7) about what this means.

PC(USA) Resources for Martin Luther King Day and Race Relations Sunday: In faithful witness to the love of Christ, the church is committed to confronting the ideology of racism and racial oppression, working to overcome racism with prayer, discernment and worship-based action. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Race Relations Sunday provide opportunities to celebrate the diversity of God's family.

Good morning and welcome to another Monday Blog Club!

This week I'd like to highlight three members of our blog roll.

  1. NOT EXACTLY AS PREACHED: Because the Holy Spirit has something to say about it, in and out of the pulpit by St. Blogwen. The author describes himself as "an ordained minister and licensed architect. Or is it a licensed minister and ordained architect? Lately, an astonished substitute teacher. And a saint only in the First Corinthians sense of the word." As for the blog itself, "THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKS in the pastor's study. He also speaks to the pastor in the pulpit. These are my pulpit supply sermon texts as written and printed-- but never quite as preached." (I wonder what the text of a sermon exactly as preached would look like. Nevermind! I don't think I'd enjoy a sermon read verbatim from the page...)
  2. Not So Reserved: Welcome to my park bench from which we can notice and discuss the traces and signs of God's presence and activity in the Alle-Kiski Valley. Have a seat. Relax and take a look around. Something big is happening, and you are invited to participate. The author, Stewart, from Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, United States, describes himself as a "Creature of dust, child of God, transplant to Western Pennsylvania, guest preacher here and there." In addition to information about where and when he's preaching, Stewart's blog includes his Twitter updates.
  3. Notes from Off-Center: Society and theology from the view of a Christian pragmatist. The author, Andrew (Drew) Tatusko hold both an M.Div. and Th.M. and is a college/university instructor. More information about his education, work, and publications here. The website includes a blog (organized by category, chock full of thought-provoking posts), Twitter feed, and a robust network of out-going links.


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St. Blogwen said...

Thanks for the shout-out, even though I only discovered it this evening. You're right-- even though I go into the pulpit with full text (otherwise I might go on for 45 minutes or more), it'd be pretty wooden if I preached only and exactly what was on the page. But to be able to post exactly what the Holy Spirit made of it once I got there, that would be something I'd be grateful for.