Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome Mat

Welcome to our newest member!

Rev. Jack Lohr has just finished a stint as interim pastor at The United Presbyterian Church of Middletown NY, which he blogged about here: United Interim Blog.

Now Rev. Lohr will serve as the interim pastor at The Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco, which he plans to blog about here: PCMK Interim Blog.

In his own words:
This blog is a chronicle of a shared journey involving Interim Pastor Jack Lohr in ministry with the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco, NY. We will be traveling through the interim tasks of:
  1. Coming to terms with history
  2. Discovering a new congregational identity.
  3. Allowing and empowering new leaders.
  4. Renewing denominational connections.
  5. Committing to new leadership and a new future.
The blog will include the sharing of my insights, questions, observations, and much extraneous material. There will be links to more stuff on the web than anyone except my mother would be interested in. The vision is an open sharing of all the information that may be useful for a full participation in the life of the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco. Key goals are openness, transparency, accountability, empowerment, and (above all) love. Some of this material will be duplicated on the church website at If anyone has a question, please contact me at --Jack Lohr, Interim Pastor

Blessings on your calling, Rev. Lohr!

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Dave said...

Jack, thanks for advising us of your blog and joining the men's lunch group today. We are looking forward to your first service this Sunday.

Dave S.