Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Constantly Learning, Continuously Serving

I attended my first day of school today. No, I’m not going back to grade school, or even high school. I attended my first class in my pursuit of a Degree in Divinity at Regent University. It was definitely an eye opener, a shock to the system to realize just how long it has been since sitting in a classroom with other like minded people who all come from different walks of life and different journeys to get to the same place. I was also very surprised, and very pleased at how we began the lecture and discussion. The professor stated that each week, we would start the class by having a worship service that included a couple of popular songs followed by prayer, and that each one of us would have our turn at leading this very brief worship service. This was a very unusual, yet welcome process of beginning the class. I’m getting the feeling that most all classes here on campus, whether they be in the School of Law, School of Leadership or others, have the same beginning. It is very comforting to know that regardless of background, ethnic origin, previous employment, past education or other significant aspects of one’s life, we are all considered children of God, forgiven but not forgotten in the busy confines of this wonderful learning institution.
The experience, just the first of many, has served as a clear reminder that we are all here for a purpose. It’s our responsibility to listen for God’s direction and instructions for achieving this wonderful assignment while we are here in this temporary life. My mind has been opened to the wonderful possibilities , yet I feel a strong sense of focus and confirmation that I am in the right place, just where God wants me at this point in my life. If we all look back on certain aspects of our past, we may see that it was just a part of a bigger plan to put us where we are now, serving those around us and ministering to a wide variety of people in ways we don’t even realize.
As we go about our daily routine, the mundane and repetitious actions serve as our witness to our great God. He has given us the attitude, the personality, the outward emotions that serve as proof that God has control of our life, as He should, and He is directing our actions. We may never know that we are impacting others, or that we are having a great amount of influence over the behavior of those around us. We choose to go about our day serving, smiling, devoting, giving and never asking for anything in return. It is our Christian attitudes, our faithful serving that puts us in perfect position to witness to others, without even realizing we are having the impact and influence that brings about change. Not just change in other people, but change that can be seen in our neighborhoods and communities. This is our real purpose, making change when we are not even trying to make change, just by constantly learning and continuously serving.
This is just one of the many ways we witness to our God. When others see this, they may be taking notice and wondering just what we have that they do not. There have been several phrases that describe these actions. “Live by example,” comes to mind, as well as others. A Christian friend of mine has a license plate that reads BNXPLE, or be an example. This is a reminder that we should always live our lives like God is watching, because guess what…He is. I know that I will thoroughly enjoy my next two to three years as I dig deeper into the meaning of God’s Holy Word, surrounded by those who also love Jesus Christ and know that He lives in each and every one of us. It’s up to us to show Him to the rest of the world.

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PAT said...

You are off and running my friend. I know you will love both your classes and serving the Lord through your studies.

I look forward to reading about your adventures in religious studies.