Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I’m going to talk about acronyms this week. I’m going to keep it very short and light. This week my blog could be considered a “blog lite.” We have all heard the acronym TGIF indicating that we are very happy that Friday has finally come, and that we now can look forward to the weekend. This group of letters can be tossed around the office in anticipation of Friday as if there were no other days of the week. Last week I overheard a fellow student utter this same phrase, and I just had to agree with him.

I think I will start another meaning to the phrase TGIF. Thank God I’m Faithful. I wonder how long it will take to catch on. I have found that there are others in this world that have very little faith, and are suffering because of it. I’m always amazed at how people manage to get through the day without having faith in our great God to pull them through. I, for one, realize that we cannot do this “life” thing on our own. I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to think that there is no help for the weary, and that we are left to fend for ourselves. Faith, at the core of believing, is a necessity if we are to get through this world and on to the next assignment. Faith is having no doubts about the existence of Jesus Christ and believing that He will sit at the right hand of God to intercede on our behalf. Faith means believing that Christ will return, and that we will hopefully be prepared to leave this earth, following Him.

Faith can be a very difficult thing to muster when all is failing. We tend to lose our faith when it seems that God has abandoned us in situations of illness or losing a loved one. It is in these situations that faith can be the one thing you can count on. We know that being faithful means God is never going to leave us. He will never place us in situations we can’t handle, whether they be good or bad.

In my opinion, faith is also a verb, an action word that requires some effort on the part of the believer to examine, to believe without seeing, to understand and have confidence in a 2000 year old story told by a myriad of individuals. I will always have a faith in our God that requires action and demands my attention each and every day in order to bring glory and honor to our God. "TGIF!"

We have the opportunity to demonstrate our faith on a daily basis. When trouble comes our way, or stress seems to take over, we need to show others just how this “faith thing” works. We need to remain calm, pray, then pray again. In Matthew 17 Jesus tells the disciples why their faith is so important, telling them that with faith “nothing will be impossible for you.” Having this faith allows us to claim each and every day “Thank God I’m Faithful” or “TGIF!”

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