Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Mat

Welcome to the newest member of the PCUSA Blog web ring!

Rev. Clyde Griffith of Christ Presbyterian Church of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Clyde describes himself as: Pastor, Husband, Father, Teacher, Theological Practitioner, Eclectition, Humorist. Pastor, The Connecting Place: Christ Presbyterian Church, 3400 State Rd at Turner Ave, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

The blog is SezTheRev: Comments by the Pastor of The Connecting Place: a center of faith in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, for Living Abundantly.

These are comments by the pastor of The Connecting Place -- Christ Presbyterian Church -- a center of faith for living abundantly in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA. We call this church The Connecting Place because that's what happens here: people connect with one another, with the world around them, and with God. Sooner or later most folks get tired of bowling alone and seek opportunities to connect with the world around them. We are here. Studies show that folks who participate regularly in a faith community actually live better, live healthier, and live longer than those who don't. Of course, we believers have known this to be true for far longer than the scientists have been studying the issue. It is no accident to see so many gray heads in our Presbyterian churches. In fact, we are told that Jesus said his primary purpose was to show how to live more abundantly. Worshiping together, social networking, stimulating the mind, delving into writings and beliefs of our faith, and passing on our faith to new generations drives what we do at Christ Presbyterian Church and what we try do here on this blog.

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