Thursday, September 03, 2009

Read and Learn -- WSJ Promotes the Presence of God

I was reading the Wall Street Journal the other day. Buried in the back was a book review of a book that I have not read, The Third Man Factor, by Michael J. Ybarra. The review briefly describes a number of examples of what the book refers to as the "third-man phenomenon". One of which involved a mountaineer and is described:
On the way down, he stopped to eat a mint cake, cutting it in half to share with . . . someone who wasn't there but who had seemed to be his partner all day.
There are several other brief mountaineering stories, a mention of Charles Lindbergh feeling a ghostly companion on his solo flight across the Atlantic and others.

The Wall Street Journal describes the book as:
. . . . a highly readable, often gripping, collection of survival stories, alongside a survey of theories that attempt to explain the third-man phenomenon.
Amongst the possible explanations for this "third-man phenomenon", according to the reviewer, the author prefers a biochemical survival strategy hard-wired into our brains. The book discusses in support of this theory research that claims to produce this "third-man phenomenon" with electrical stimulation of the brain.

Although the review seems to indicate that neither the author of the review nor the author of the book is buying the very real presence of God as the explanation, I find it interesting that an article in the very secular Wall Street Journal takes a position so consistent with the idea that our Creator designed us to walk with him.


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