Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome Mat

We get to welcome three new member blogs to the PC(USA) blog this week!


Fresh Worship: Resources for creative worship.

"Most traditional churches do a good job with stability. What we need help with is freshness. How to do you say things in a little different way or use art or drama or video to bring God’s story alive? How do you find those resources?

The Fresh Worship blog is a place to come for those resources. It’s a place to ask questions, to jog your imagination, and to share what has worked for you."

Fresh Worship is written by Rev. Suzanne Gorhau, who says, "I am pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Centerville, Iowa. I am a child of God, wife of Frank, mother of Foster (an FIV cat), creative worshipper, coffee drinker, movie watcher, walker, reader, blogger, web surfer, contemplative, and Marion Medical Mission supporter."


Eyes On Christ: Spiritual Formation and Soul Care
by Anita Coleman.

"The two year anniversary since I came back to Christ is drawing near. Thanks to the abundant, amazing grace of God, my eyes continue to be on Christ and it seems to be entirely appropriate to journal my past and my future. That is what I hope to do and reflect in these pages, my motto: Eyes on Christ."

And here's the related devotional site: Eyes on Christ - Devotional: "This is my sacred writing space. Here, I share my spiritual writings as I meditate and enjoy the presence of Jesus, my Lord and my God through his Word, The Holy Bible. Here, I explore what it means to become Christ-like in light of the Gospel."


Q: Why hair and shoes, Margot? I don't even get it.
A: Here's why: As a follower of Jesus, I spend more time/money thinking about my hair and shoes than I would like to. (And I don't even look that good! I don't even want to think about you stylish hotties out there...) This blog is meant to be a conversation about living as followers of Jesus.

Margot Starbuck, PC(USA) clergy, writer, speaker, wife, and mother, blogs here: Thoughts on Hair, Shoes, & Other Stuff ('s really about discipleship...don't tell): because I keep meeting Christians who are itching to be a little less comfortable.

Check out the blog to learn more about Margot, or pick up a copy of her memoir, The Girl in the Orange Dress: Searching for a Father Who Does Not Fail.

Welcome, Suzanne, Anita, and Margot!

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