Thursday, August 20, 2009

Read and Learn -- Favorite Commentaries

Last week I was reading the book of Amos -- long story, don't ask, really should wander through it more often. The first couple of chapters were filled with cultural references that I wasn't getting. I was on my way to at a meeting with two of my Church's ministers. So, I asked for a recommendation for a good Commentary. They stammered. Evidently, Amos isn't high on their frequently read list either.

I pulled out Kindle and ran a search through Amazon on the word, "Amos". After sorting through a few of the less scriptural results, I found a commentary by Lloyd John Ogilvie on Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah and Jonah in the Mastering the Old Testament series. It is quite good. I also found Calvin's commentary and a couple of others. I will work through the Calvin eventually, but the Ogilvie was really what I was looking for.

I don't doubt that if I had asked for a recommendation for a commentary on a Gospel or Genesis that I would have gotten a couple of instant titles. Amos, though, wasn't just on the tip of anyone's mind. So, I thought I would ask for suggestions on favorite commentaries covering the lesser read Old Testament books.



Anonymous said...

I always start with the Interpretation series and workfrom there. Not sure who did the Amos volume but have usd many of the volumes thru the yrs and have been pleased.

jairus' daughter said...

yay!! at my church we've gotten ourselves into the crazy deal of a 12-week series on the minor prophets!!! there ARE no good commentaries, was my first take on the situation. Might as well just proof-text for your favorite word and run with it.
BUT i got past that, and if not a commentary, i must at least recommend a book: D.N. Premnath's "Eight Century Prophets" for Amos, Micah, Hosea... and from there on... I actually found the most helpful things on those really minor guys (habakkuk, zephaniah) in the Anchor Bible Dictionary.