Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday Review -- Fifth Thursday Stuff

When we set up the monthly schedule for Thursdays, we didn't address the issue of the Fifth Thursday. Well, here it is. So, for your blogging pleasure, we have the following assortment of stuff.

Starting off with new beginnings, Stushie wrote a Bible study around President Obama's Inauguration speech for his adult Sunday School class. If you are interested, you can go to his church's blog and get more information about the study which he generously offers to share with everyone.

Although Mac at Around the Scuttlebutt is a member of an EPC church, he is writing a satirical series that any PCUSA minister, elder, deacon or member can relate to: The Adventures of Graying Presbyterian Church. This series would be an excellent basis for study and discussion in any Presbyterian (or other mainline denomination) church's session or adult study class that is interested in understanding the basis for the "graying" of the church. You can sum it all up as The Seven Last Words of The Church: We never did it that way before. To get started with the series go to the blog and you'll find the "Adventures" on the left sidebar listed in the recent posts. Join in the comments and discussion!

At Clever Title Here Teri offers some thoughts on how she is using John Buchanan's book, A New Church For A New World in an adult ed class that she is currently offering.

Finally, this week at Christianity Today they are announcing this year's Book Award winners. Two winners a day (they have a total of ten categories) are being announced. Also, see The Ten Most Redeeming Films of 2008; and on a less cheerful note, their obituary for John Updike.

If you see something out or about on the web that you think should be mentioned here, drop an email to either Quotidian Grace or myself. Love to hear from you.



JusticeSeeker said...

I think I need a calendar. I set this to go up on the wrong day. That is what I get for getting a post done early. I really should know better.

Sorry for the confusion.

Quotidian Grace said...

You're forgiven, JS. We'll chalk it up to the ice storm!