Monday, January 05, 2009

New Business

First: a new member blog this week. Welcome to Paul Andresen's A Rock and Roll Devotional: Song involves the entire body in prayer; both the individual body and the Body of Christ. Let the body rock. Paul is a pastor in Arkansas, and he already has two blogs over there on our blog roll (check out Time Loves a Hero and There's a Fat Man in the Bathtub with the Blues). This new blog ties popular music to scripture!

Second: blog reader Ken Malloy sent a wonderful Christmas meditation, All I want for Christmas is .... Peace, "based on the Pastor's notes of Pastor Lloyd Ogilvie. His sermon was delivered to the Congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood on Sunday December 21st 2008." It's worth a read, and is a lovely reminder to extend the feeling of peace throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

Third and finally, a potential new change to the blog schedule. What would be more useful to you, for those of you who check out Mark's lectionary ruminations here: post/discussion on the Thursday before the appropriate Sunday, or the Saturday (one day) before? A poll is posted a right, and, of course, comments are welcome here!

And, now, to Epiphany! And beyond! (I've been watching a lot of Toy Story this year.)


B-W said...

For what it's worth, I'm happy to post the lectionary ruminations on any day. One option that might not be clear: I could do two posts next week, so that Saturday-posted ruminations would be a whole week in advance. This way there would be no conflict or double-posting on Thursday, where there is already the "read and learn" post scheduled.

Time Loves a Hero said...

Thanks for the welcome!

Peace of Christ, Paul Andresen